Wednesday, August 10, 2011

When In Westwood

When in Westwood, visit UCLA, eat some delicious Korean BBQ, and of course shop at little boutiques! (Note: I actually went 5 days ago, but I kept on postponing my post. I'm afraid I'm getting lazy :/)

I'm afraid I have big hands...but it's all right, right? Since I'm tall, my hands are only proportional. But once, a guy said my hands were large. But he was comparing them to two 5'2" girls...of course my hands are large compared to theirs, stupid boy! I'm 5'9"! I take it back; I do not have large hands. I have regular sized hands for my size >_<
Anyway, back to UCLA! I went there Friday with my sister who is a 4th year student there! Congrats to my sister for reaching the end of her undergraduate education! Now everybody please wish her luck on getting into a good graduate school! Go, sister!! ^_^
UCLA is a very beautiful school. You can take a picture anywhere, and it'll look like it came out of a catalog :o One of my favorite places is the fountain at Janss Steps. I think water makes any scenery look fresher and more appealing.

I'm at Powell Library :) The library is across Royce Hall, UCLA's most famous building. Ironically, I did not take a picture of myself there...I feel so much regret as I'm blogging and looking through my pictures T_T
After finishing up business at UCLA, my sister and I headed off to the streets of Westwood! I am seriously worried about my physical condition now because walking around for only a few hours...I could feel it everywhere...

Maybe I should exercise more instead of indulging in delicious treats like this Gushi plate (Korean beef, yo).  I swear I'll change!...later! No, really, I don't want to gain Freshmen 15...nonono!

Clothes note: shirt is Urban Outfitters, jeans are Joe's Jeans, sandals are Gap, bag is Fossil, sunglasses are Versace

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