Wednesday, August 10, 2011

When In Westwood

When in Westwood, visit UCLA, eat some delicious Korean BBQ, and of course shop at little boutiques! (Note: I actually went 5 days ago, but I kept on postponing my post. I'm afraid I'm getting lazy :/)

I'm afraid I have big hands...but it's all right, right? Since I'm tall, my hands are only proportional. But once, a guy said my hands were large. But he was comparing them to two 5'2" girls...of course my hands are large compared to theirs, stupid boy! I'm 5'9"! I take it back; I do not have large hands. I have regular sized hands for my size >_<
Anyway, back to UCLA! I went there Friday with my sister who is a 4th year student there! Congrats to my sister for reaching the end of her undergraduate education! Now everybody please wish her luck on getting into a good graduate school! Go, sister!! ^_^
UCLA is a very beautiful school. You can take a picture anywhere, and it'll look like it came out of a catalog :o One of my favorite places is the fountain at Janss Steps. I think water makes any scenery look fresher and more appealing.

I'm at Powell Library :) The library is across Royce Hall, UCLA's most famous building. Ironically, I did not take a picture of myself there...I feel so much regret as I'm blogging and looking through my pictures T_T
After finishing up business at UCLA, my sister and I headed off to the streets of Westwood! I am seriously worried about my physical condition now because walking around for only a few hours...I could feel it everywhere...

Maybe I should exercise more instead of indulging in delicious treats like this Gushi plate (Korean beef, yo).  I swear I'll change!...later! No, really, I don't want to gain Freshmen 15...nonono!

Clothes note: shirt is Urban Outfitters, jeans are Joe's Jeans, sandals are Gap, bag is Fossil, sunglasses are Versace

Friday, July 29, 2011

Oranges Or Apples (PC's or Mac's)

(Part of) my college essentials list ~

Bed covers. Check. Shower supplies. Check. Cool clothes. Check. New laptop...CHECK! 

I'm so excited! Today, I got a new MacBook Pro! It's so cool *o* I had my eye on it for a while but thought it was way too expensive. But inside, I really wanted it. Have you guys ever heard of that idea where if you really want something, you just keep wishing for it? Like putting it out into the universe and letting things just work out? Proactive, huh? :DDD So basically, my wishful thinking came through! My family got me a MacBook Pro as a college gift! THANK YOU, FAMILY PLUS UNIVERSE! (though mostly family of course ^ ^)

Before you think I'm spoiled, let me tell the stone age device I was using. It is time to confess that all my previous posts were done by a battery dead HP (when I see HP, I automatically think of Harry Potter, but that's not it...). Well, I still am amazingly fortunate to get her dream laptop for college :) The pressure of this MacBook is making me feel even more ambitious about my college career. I have to work hard to earn this MacBook!

I also got a hot pink case ^_^ My MacBook needs to be well dressed, too! I am a bit worried, though. I heard that the hardshell cases are better because the MacBook is susceptible to dents since it's made of aluminum. Although I knew this, I bought the soft sleeve because it was prettier...I promise to think more carefully and make more sensible and practical decisions in the future! 

Now I am all ready to go to college! My college checklist is complete! And it sure ended with a bang :D

Clothes note: Forever 21 dress, Target leggings and boots, Zara purse, 13 inch MacBook Pro, Raspberry Incase sleeve LOL

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Office (Actually, I Work At A Tutoring Center...)

Are you hungry? Sorry this is such a messy picture...I was too busy eating seconds of delicious of BJ's pizza to notice :D

Was I at BJ's with family or friends? Or am I a loner who likes to enjoy an entire pizza all to herself in a family restaurant? While both options are correct, I was actually at a workplace gathering. I feel so grown up saying that. "I went out with my coworkers." "Yeah, after WORK, the other WORKERS and me are going out for dinner together." Did my silly imaginings just ruin my previously established maturity? Oh well, it happens :)

Before today, I had barely had full conversations with some of my coworkers. I was worried that I would feel out of place at this gathering. However, my love for food and my even greater love for free food figured that I would enjoy this gathering regardless of who I was with. But we all know that depending on the company, food can taste a lot different.

BJ's has pretty good pizza, right? But what about those in between moments when you're waiting for your food or you just finished a plate and have to take a break before taking on another helping? For some it gets boring or awkward to not have someone to talk to. And the people around you might notice, too. Maybe they'll try to make conversation with you, but it'll be about the food or why you're not eating (hello, you have to pace yourself). Luckily, my work gathering was not like that. At first, when I saw that I wasn't sitting next to people I was most familiar with, I thought this might be boring. But I am lucky enough to work with very open people who were willingly to talk to me about anything ^ ^ I think I lucked out with this workplace because everyone is so friendly to me :D Please x 100 let me work with nice people again!

 A really nice guy was giving me advice on Berkeley. I talked to someone else about her new haircut lol. Another person told me about her backpacking trip to Europe. The guy in the picture told me not be too embarrassed about getting lost on the way while sounding extremely embarrassed for me. Company you enjoy makes the pizza you would normally enjoy taste much better!
I actually got lost on my way to BJ's. I wonder if I'll get teased about it later...Oh well, it happens ^ ^ I had a good time :) How do you guys feel about your coworkers?

Clothes note: sweater is BCBGeneration, shorts are H&M, shoes are wildrose

Friday, July 15, 2011

South Coast Plaza

A.k.a my favorite place! (Other than home, parks, and places of actual sentimental value ^ ^) Today was Nordstrom's anniversary sale, and the mall was super full. Shopping at South Coast Plaza is always so fun because of the energetic atmosphere and terrific finds and jawdroppingly (is that a word -_-) beautiful (and expensive!) items!

Anxious for to start shopping! I also brought my Charles David pumps to get stretched. A word of advice: don't get your shoes professionally stretched unless the retailer offers it at no cost (like Charles David) because you can easily stretch your shoes about 1/2 - 1 size with ice! You guys should check out the Michelle Phan tutorial! :D

I didn't take another picture until after shopping because I didn't want to lose my focus...Shopping and finding great deals is serious business -_- Btw, places like Zara or Macy's have great deals seasonally, and it's much better to check out places like that instead of settling for Forever 21 or Charlotte Rousse, etc. ^ ^

Ah I'm all happy because of my great buys? Should I tell you about them? My college haul? :o

A hard day's of work done! lol
Yay for a successful day of shopping! When you read this blog, you might think that I'm a shopaholic and a spendthrift, but keep in mind the time frame. I'm actually buying things to prepare for college. However, if you continue reading this blog and get to know me a little better, you will know for sure that I AM a shopaholic -- BUT one that only bargain hunts and buys things she needs and or is worthwhile. So, yay for a successful day of smart shopping!

Clothes note: dress is Forever 21 (even though I told you not to settle for Forever 21, sometimes they really have trendy things that would cost so much at other stores), bag is Fossil, boots are Target

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

After Work

Like many people, my favorite part of work is the end of it. I'm sure that when I get a job I actually enjoy (I'm determined to fine one of those!), I won't count down the minutes to when my time is over. But for now, I will enjoy the relief of finishing a hard day of work and the comfort of going home.

7 o'clock means work is over for me! What is the first thing you do after work?
People are still practicing sports at the field across my workplace. It's so refreshing and foreign to see such diligence :D
Sometimes, I look at my surroundings and feel very confused and amazed.
But then I just laugh it off. It's best to just accept that the world is a mysterious place. And I will admit that I am too exhausted from work to think anymore ^ ^
Who knows how work will be tomorrow? Or my day? For now, I will enjoy my time after work when I can relax.

Clothes note: shirt and cardigan are Urban Outfitters, shorts are Anchor Blue, bag is Fossil, sunglasses are gifted from my senior class committee, shoes are my favorite Converse :)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My Faux Photoshoot

One of my favorite places is the park. Even as my eyes feel exhausted and my shoulders weighed down from one of those days, thinking about the park is like a drink of cool water. You guys know. One of those days where everything feels abnormally wrong, frustratingly mundane, and simply pointless. But you probably know also know that all these tiresome emotions can be washed away by a simple thought. Something that calms you down no matter what. Maybe it's the sound of a soft piano, maybe it's the smell of a warm dessert. If you're lucky, it's a memory. Today, I thought of my day at the park with my friend, Mary Baird. We got free slurpees from 7-11 (did you get one, too?!), walked to the library, and took pictures in the park. It was one of those days. You guys know. One of those days where everything feels happily quirky, satisfyingly understated, and beautifully without motive.  

My smile feels real ^ ^
I am a model. Someone come scout me! Lol it's actually the work of my talented photographer friend, Mary!
A Peter Pan day! Me and Mary tried to take pictures in the middle of a playground! Little kids kept getting in the way though...crazy for the camera at such young ages...
I wish there were jungle gyms for adults. Maybe it would make people laugh more!
There also needs to be huge swings for adults! And it needs to be socially acceptable, so uptight businessmen can relax without feeling burdened with impropriety...
July 11 was such a lovely day. Warm and with a cool breeze :) Were you outside that day?
Sitting on a tiny bridge! Or maybe I am just big lol. I love bridges because when you cross them, you are going to someplace different. You are changing.
Somebody come sit next to me on this bench. People who share benches become good friends...I'm convinced it's true!
Mary says black gates in London are the coolest things o.o This is just a gate at the park, but I can already feel its waves of coolness...
This has been a comforting memory ^ ^

Clothes note: top is Forever 21, skirt is Zara, belt is Kaitlyn, shoes are Anne Klein Sport, bag is Fossil


Sunday, July 10, 2011

Peter Pan Pains

Peter Pan never had growing pains. He skipped the growing up stage altogether, didn't he? I, on the other hand, am going to start my first year of college this's pretty scary o.o Leaving home, seeking independence, and acting with responsibility are all things that I desperately wanted when they seemed far off. Now that I am half a summer away from gaining all of these things, I desperately want to remain a kid for a little longer. But that's not going to happen. Time will speed by, and I, like thousands of other kids out there, will have to move on and even grow up.

So yesterday I posted my first day buying college materials (actual dorm necessities, not just clothes lol). Today is the second day of college shopping, or as I like to call it "Wendy vs. Peter Round 2."

To honor the theme, I wore a Peter Pan collar top! I love this shirt <3 I guess on the shallow side "Wendy vs. Peter" could also be called "I Love That Marc Jacobs and Miu Miu Brought Back Cool Collars."

Left is Marc Jacobs Fall 2011 RTW, Right is Miu Miu Fall 2011 RTW, Both are fabulous

But since we can't all afford Marc Jacobs and Miu Miu designs (just wait until I'm older and successful...did I say older? so there are perks to growing up...), here are some beautiful and affordable shirts with cute collars (click on the captions to buy!):

*ASOS Peter Pan Collar Pintuck Blouse
*Coral Triple Peter Pan Collar Top

Sometimes the best outfits are the ones you throw on in seconds. I'm not saying that I think I look like a supermodel in this (lol cutoffs and a shirt ^ ^), but what I am saying is that I felt like these clothes really suit me, and they make me feel comfortably content.

You can't see the collar yet...wait for it :D
Like my bag? Like my collar? Nooo, you can't see it yet! lol I am just playing ^_^
YAY Peter Pan collar at last! I actually didn't mean to tease you guys with the collarless pictures, but my hair got in the way of a lot of shots -_- I'm sorry!!
I didn't buy that much...I like to take my time, so I can find items I actually love!
Buying stuff for college is so exciting! And it gives you a major reality check o.o

Growing up is hard/scary/unbelievable/fast-paced/amazing/natural, but we all know who will win in "Wendy vs. Peter." Honestly, it's a girl vs. a boy, so what else could happen?

Clothes note: shirt is Urban Outfitters, shorts are Banana Republic cutoffs, belt is Kaitlyn., bag is Fossil, booties are Aldo, sunglasses are Versace

Saturday, July 9, 2011

I Like Dressing Up To Go To The...

...drugstore, my local Walmart, and other places where it is acceptable to wear sweats or pajama pants. Do you guys like to glamorize any random and originally subdued action such as grocery shopping or checking the mail? I hear Kate Moss takes out the trash in designer wear, but that isn't very surprising, is it? ^_^

Acting fabulous at got a problem with that?

It's just that dressing up makes boring errands so much more fun! Although I do admit, I love going to buy skincare items :)

Randomly posing next to Ross. Two other people got in the picture, and it's a Vietnamese superstition that three people in a picture means bad luck to the person in the middle! Oh no! o.o

I feel apologetic for the three people picture. I feel slightly uneasy thinking about it, so I will focus on my hat instead. This is the third time I've worn it! And the feeling is still love <3

Just relaxing. Summer days are the best :)

Summer is speeding by you guys! So carpe diem and look fabulous doing it!

Clothes note: sleeveless shirt and shoes are Urban Outfitters, skirt is INC, belt is sister's, purse is Zara, hat is Gap