Friday, July 29, 2011

Oranges Or Apples (PC's or Mac's)

(Part of) my college essentials list ~

Bed covers. Check. Shower supplies. Check. Cool clothes. Check. New laptop...CHECK! 

I'm so excited! Today, I got a new MacBook Pro! It's so cool *o* I had my eye on it for a while but thought it was way too expensive. But inside, I really wanted it. Have you guys ever heard of that idea where if you really want something, you just keep wishing for it? Like putting it out into the universe and letting things just work out? Proactive, huh? :DDD So basically, my wishful thinking came through! My family got me a MacBook Pro as a college gift! THANK YOU, FAMILY PLUS UNIVERSE! (though mostly family of course ^ ^)

Before you think I'm spoiled, let me tell the stone age device I was using. It is time to confess that all my previous posts were done by a battery dead HP (when I see HP, I automatically think of Harry Potter, but that's not it...). Well, I still am amazingly fortunate to get her dream laptop for college :) The pressure of this MacBook is making me feel even more ambitious about my college career. I have to work hard to earn this MacBook!

I also got a hot pink case ^_^ My MacBook needs to be well dressed, too! I am a bit worried, though. I heard that the hardshell cases are better because the MacBook is susceptible to dents since it's made of aluminum. Although I knew this, I bought the soft sleeve because it was prettier...I promise to think more carefully and make more sensible and practical decisions in the future! 

Now I am all ready to go to college! My college checklist is complete! And it sure ended with a bang :D

Clothes note: Forever 21 dress, Target leggings and boots, Zara purse, 13 inch MacBook Pro, Raspberry Incase sleeve LOL


  1. once you go Mac, you never go back!! yaaaaaaay!!! :D good choice