Saturday, July 9, 2011

I Like Dressing Up To Go To The...

...drugstore, my local Walmart, and other places where it is acceptable to wear sweats or pajama pants. Do you guys like to glamorize any random and originally subdued action such as grocery shopping or checking the mail? I hear Kate Moss takes out the trash in designer wear, but that isn't very surprising, is it? ^_^

Acting fabulous at got a problem with that?

It's just that dressing up makes boring errands so much more fun! Although I do admit, I love going to buy skincare items :)

Randomly posing next to Ross. Two other people got in the picture, and it's a Vietnamese superstition that three people in a picture means bad luck to the person in the middle! Oh no! o.o

I feel apologetic for the three people picture. I feel slightly uneasy thinking about it, so I will focus on my hat instead. This is the third time I've worn it! And the feeling is still love <3

Just relaxing. Summer days are the best :)

Summer is speeding by you guys! So carpe diem and look fabulous doing it!

Clothes note: sleeveless shirt and shoes are Urban Outfitters, skirt is INC, belt is sister's, purse is Zara, hat is Gap

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