Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My Faux Photoshoot

One of my favorite places is the park. Even as my eyes feel exhausted and my shoulders weighed down from one of those days, thinking about the park is like a drink of cool water. You guys know. One of those days where everything feels abnormally wrong, frustratingly mundane, and simply pointless. But you probably know also know that all these tiresome emotions can be washed away by a simple thought. Something that calms you down no matter what. Maybe it's the sound of a soft piano, maybe it's the smell of a warm dessert. If you're lucky, it's a memory. Today, I thought of my day at the park with my friend, Mary Baird. We got free slurpees from 7-11 (did you get one, too?!), walked to the library, and took pictures in the park. It was one of those days. You guys know. One of those days where everything feels happily quirky, satisfyingly understated, and beautifully without motive.  

My smile feels real ^ ^
I am a model. Someone come scout me! Lol it's actually the work of my talented photographer friend, Mary!
A Peter Pan day! Me and Mary tried to take pictures in the middle of a playground! Little kids kept getting in the way though...crazy for the camera at such young ages...
I wish there were jungle gyms for adults. Maybe it would make people laugh more!
There also needs to be huge swings for adults! And it needs to be socially acceptable, so uptight businessmen can relax without feeling burdened with impropriety...
July 11 was such a lovely day. Warm and with a cool breeze :) Were you outside that day?
Sitting on a tiny bridge! Or maybe I am just big lol. I love bridges because when you cross them, you are going to someplace different. You are changing.
Somebody come sit next to me on this bench. People who share benches become good friends...I'm convinced it's true!
Mary says black gates in London are the coolest things o.o This is just a gate at the park, but I can already feel its waves of coolness...
This has been a comforting memory ^ ^

Clothes note: top is Forever 21, skirt is Zara, belt is Kaitlyn, shoes are Anne Klein Sport, bag is Fossil



  1. You are such an amazing and beautiful friend, An...I am truly blessed to know and make everlasting memories with such an awesome girl :)


  2. What a kind and awesome sweetie!! <3333
    I'm never letting go of such a friend!! :D