Wednesday, July 13, 2011

After Work

Like many people, my favorite part of work is the end of it. I'm sure that when I get a job I actually enjoy (I'm determined to fine one of those!), I won't count down the minutes to when my time is over. But for now, I will enjoy the relief of finishing a hard day of work and the comfort of going home.

7 o'clock means work is over for me! What is the first thing you do after work?
People are still practicing sports at the field across my workplace. It's so refreshing and foreign to see such diligence :D
Sometimes, I look at my surroundings and feel very confused and amazed.
But then I just laugh it off. It's best to just accept that the world is a mysterious place. And I will admit that I am too exhausted from work to think anymore ^ ^
Who knows how work will be tomorrow? Or my day? For now, I will enjoy my time after work when I can relax.

Clothes note: shirt and cardigan are Urban Outfitters, shorts are Anchor Blue, bag is Fossil, sunglasses are gifted from my senior class committee, shoes are my favorite Converse :)


  1. great outfit!
    love the yellow cardi!

  2. I LOVE your yellow cardi...!
    It looks gorgeous! :)