Friday, July 15, 2011

South Coast Plaza

A.k.a my favorite place! (Other than home, parks, and places of actual sentimental value ^ ^) Today was Nordstrom's anniversary sale, and the mall was super full. Shopping at South Coast Plaza is always so fun because of the energetic atmosphere and terrific finds and jawdroppingly (is that a word -_-) beautiful (and expensive!) items!

Anxious for to start shopping! I also brought my Charles David pumps to get stretched. A word of advice: don't get your shoes professionally stretched unless the retailer offers it at no cost (like Charles David) because you can easily stretch your shoes about 1/2 - 1 size with ice! You guys should check out the Michelle Phan tutorial! :D

I didn't take another picture until after shopping because I didn't want to lose my focus...Shopping and finding great deals is serious business -_- Btw, places like Zara or Macy's have great deals seasonally, and it's much better to check out places like that instead of settling for Forever 21 or Charlotte Rousse, etc. ^ ^

Ah I'm all happy because of my great buys? Should I tell you about them? My college haul? :o

A hard day's of work done! lol
Yay for a successful day of shopping! When you read this blog, you might think that I'm a shopaholic and a spendthrift, but keep in mind the time frame. I'm actually buying things to prepare for college. However, if you continue reading this blog and get to know me a little better, you will know for sure that I AM a shopaholic -- BUT one that only bargain hunts and buys things she needs and or is worthwhile. So, yay for a successful day of smart shopping!

Clothes note: dress is Forever 21 (even though I told you not to settle for Forever 21, sometimes they really have trendy things that would cost so much at other stores), bag is Fossil, boots are Target

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