Monday, July 4, 2011

As A True Patriot, I Shopped This Independence Day.

I went to Fashion Island with my family to support the national economy, to celebrate California sales tax going down, and, oh yeah, to commemorate the birth of this great land. On a scenic summer day like this, it was impossible to stay inside. And I wanted to break in my new straw hat :D For a summer wardrobe, a hat to shield you from the sun is a must! It makes you feel and look cool ^_^

Hi, there! Welcome to Fashion Island. Have you been here before? This was my first time. I will give you my review of the place later on.

The red flowers match my outfit!

Have you heard that you can learn a lot from looking at someone's back? How much weight is on their shoulders, how straight they stand, and how strong is their frame...

Red, white, and blue! Yay for the 4th of July!

I think it's very daring to take pictures in crowds of people. Some people will stop and look at you funny. But just keep on smiling :)

Rather than the shopping, this pond was my favorite part of Fashion Island. Red, orange, white, and yellow catfish were more beautiful than the stores.

Waiting to form a connection with the catfish, so they would swim over, and we could talk.

They wouldn't come! >_< ... T_T

You've probably heard this before, but a smile is the best part of any look. Because clothes, no matter how beautiful or colorful they are, can never compare to a person's sincere expressions.

Don't take serious pictures all the time! Pictures don't have to be pretty, serious, or pro. A silly picture is funny and touching.

This BCBG dress was originally $238, but now it's less than $100. Hurry up and grab it before it's too late!

Don't I look dark and contemplative? I was worrying about creating interesting/fashionable/creative/thoughtful posts for you guys.

Fashion Island, in a word, is leisure. The design is almost like an outlet with beautiful palm trees and fountains, and the mood is very mellow. Personally, the atmosphere was too relaxed, almost watered down, for me. Shopping should be fun and lively! Clothes are inanimate, so it is the energy and happiness of the people buying the clothes that make the hustle and bustle of the shopping experience. But let's not focus on the bad! I bought some key pieces that every girl should have in her closet. In high school, I went to a uniform school, so I have to create quite a few outfits for college! Oh no, so much shopping left to do ;D Please comment if you want to know the essential steps and advice I'm following to build a totally cool and individualistic but practical wardrobe!

Clothes note: Shirt and hat are Gap, shorts are self made from old l.e.i. jeans, denim belt is from TJ Max dress, shoes are present, bag is H&M


  1. This is a pretty and clean layout!

  2. Thumbs up to the flop hat and the corall colours. Cute outfit. Thanks for sharing the photos and feel free to drop by me too, soon.

  3. Thanks for the support! Just checked out your blog! It's so cool and stylistic :) I wish I could get the hang of this whole blog design thing faster -_- But please stay tuned for cooler posts :D

  4. Those red shorts are so cute! I love the hat too! xoxoxoo

  5. love the orange dress and the red shorts ;)

  6. Haha, I love your honesty and I totally agree!

    / Avy

  7. Thank you! You fashionistas are so sweet! <3 More updates on clothes, life, and everything in between coming up!