Sunday, July 3, 2011

There Must Be Somethin' In The Water

Pictures are preserved memories.


What's wrong with this picture? You could have answered my awkward posing, but it's my random sleeping friend in the background!

I'm running to the ocean! Follow me!
Looking at this picture reminds me of how thirsty I am and how I wish I could swim better.

Blue is not a sad color. Blue is the ocean, the sky. Blue is calmness and peace.

Splashing in the ocean is the best! ^_^

What's hotter than a summer burnt beach? California girls, of course :D

Don't just notice the height difference. Look at my friend's beautiful and big smile!

We chill.

Thank you for joining me on this beach day.


 Clothes note: Top is Urban Outfitters, shorts are H&M

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